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Say Yes...To God's More

I recently had the opportunity to buy gently used furniture for our home from an associate. Not having bought any sort of furniture in a while, I elicited the help of a trusted friend and my mother to figure out what I should offer. Everyone gave sound advice and after considering all the feedback, my husband and I sat down to decide. As we went through all the pros and cons, what we noticed is that we started to lean toward the cons. Not necessarily because they were really cons, but we found ourselves beginning to feel the weight of what moving forward with this decision would mean. We would need to complete the negotiation of the price we were willing to pay with the seller. A move date would need fit into an already full calendar. We would need to hire movers or schedule a U-Haul rental and ask for help from friends and family. Then, what to do with the furniture we have, dump it or donate it? The big clencher…who wants to move in newer furniture into an unorganized house? A summer cleaning, reorganizing and Goodwill drop-off would need to be planned. Are you starting to get the picture? Faced with the responsibility a blessing can bring, we can pile up cons like cones. That sounds a whole lot like restlessness to me. When did our eyes move away from the faithfulness of God’s provision to the anxiety of receiving His provision? The question begs to be asked, “If God brought us this far, would He leave us?” But we don’t get the answer to that question right all the time. We forget that all of God’s blessings elevate. They move you from where you are and closer to His perfect plan for your life. When the Holy Spirit revealed to us our error, we repented. How could we even think God’s provision comes without provision? No, you didn’t read that wrong. God’s provision comes with provision. “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ ~ Matthew 25:31 ESV We can find ourselves complaining like the children of Israel, on the cusp of stepping over into the promise land, but afraid of the responsibility OCCUPYING the promise land would bring. Have you found yourself responding similarly to responsibility that comes with MORE? May I kindly urge you to retreat from this type of faithless mindset and commentary. Don’t allow yourself to be tricked out of your blessing by complaining about much the blessings requires you to stretch, grow, hunker down or lean in. Living blessed is not easy folks. Yes, I said that! The Scripture reminds us, to much is given, much is required. (Luke 12:48b) When God opens the windows of Heaven you need to step forward in faith that He will supply everything for you to occupy the next level He has for you. Find REST in that truth!

Here are 4-ways you can SAY YES when God gives you MORE… 1- Say thank you Jesus for blessing me. Be grateful, not just on the surface. Be sincere. 2- Pray and ask God to show you the provision He has made available to you in the days of MORE. You may not recognize the tools, resources, and help He has provided. It’s there! 3- Pray and ask God for wisdom on how to faithfully manage MORE. Rest knowing that He will give you the timely insight you need for every step forward and step up He has planned for you. 4- Stay rest filled. Stay intimately connected to The Provider, Jesus. Keeping your eyes on Him and your heart in Him will keep your MORE from becoming your god. Let’s Pray Heaven Father. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being faithful to your Word. You promised that if we diligently seek you, you will give us the desires of our hearts. Forgive me for not trusting that as you bless me, you will also equip me to manage the blessing. You are faithful! I ask now that you help me to see the tools, resources and help you have already provided for me to walk in your blessings. As I step forward in faith, give me the wisdom and timely insight to flourish in the MORE you have planned for my life. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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