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"A speaker worth her salt. Relatable, wise and humorous, Ebonie captures the attention of your heart and head. She leads you on a journey of courage. Helping you move from where you are to where God's wants you to be."

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Today’s woman is seeking opportunities to live more purposefully. Post-pandemic we've discovered cracks in our psyche that magnify our shortcomings and minimizing our strengths. Ebonie's "Say Yes" signature talks focus on helping women discover the potential God sees in us all. Throughout history, God has used the small, weak and the unlikely to carry out His magnificent work. From Moses to Abraham, King David to Gideon, Queen Esther to Mary, it’s the least likely person who catches His eye.


We are in a season of replanting, rebuilding and reigniting our hopes, dreams and in some instances, the sheer will to live and press on. It's in these moments, we can choose to trust God's will and perfect plan for our lives revealed in His Word. We simply need to say "Yes" to God. In doing so we are standing firm on who God is, who we are and whose we are.


Attendees will walk away from Ebonie’s session and interactive workshop:


1. Having cross the chasm of doubt in their abilities and strengths.

2. Be inspire to take a leap of faith towards living a life of purpose.

3. Be challenged to courageously say “Yes” to God’s amazing plan for their lives.

4. Discover their gifts and talents.

More topics...

Is a guided retreat-themed workshop that can be led in-person or virtually where participants embark on what will be a special time of prayer, fasting, journaling, and growing in an intimate relationship with Jesus. Included are methods that encourage time to focus on self-care, and soul care as well as strengthening family relationships and friendships through the ministry of presence.

What's In Your Hands

There are times God's provision is found in the remnants. The shards and broken pieces are considered of no use. What do you have left? Allow God to use the rubble to build something beautiful that brings Him honor and glory.


New Beginnings

God's desire for us is that we live joyful, productive, healthy lives. No matter how things look today, He promises us NEW MERCIES every morning! Let's explore the NEW THINGS coming our way through the lens of faith, hope and love.

Tailored Talks

Ebonie is a dynamic speaker. Based on your needs and desired outcomes, a tailored talk can be created for your group. Contact her team to discuss your talking points.

Workshops / Seminars / Small Groups

Small, intimate settings are Ebonie's sweet spots. An engaging and personable speaker, she has an uncanny way of making everyone in the room feel heard and seen. A woman of action, she integrates interactive and engaging activities that help attendees, move from hearers to doers.  If you are looking to inspire, encourage or challenge your group to live up to their best potential, she's the speaker/facilitator you want to consider.

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