Change comes to test your fortitude, and to map for you pathways you would not have perceived otherwise.

Ebonie M. Mukasa

Creativity, innovation, inspiration and love-in- action are Ebonie's hallmarks. An entrepreneur, ordained minister, humanitarian and advocate for the voiceless; her heart has always been to help those in need. As she passionately pursues her purpose, this platform will be ever changing and growing. Don't miss one step of the journey. Sign up below and come along.

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Ebonie M. Mukasa is a woman on a mission from God. Her unique calling and gifting have led her over the last 12 years to establish several businesses and ministries. Each one an expression of love, hope and help.

Creativity, innovation, inspiration and love-in-action are her hallmarks. With this perspective, she approaches God’s call and purpose for her life with an adventurous spirit and visionary flair.

In 2008, she and her husband founded CLOAK INC, a social conscious fashion brand whose mission was to cover every man, woman and child in their greatest time of need. Shortly after, in 2010, she founded, Renew Revive, a ministerial service that created opportunities for women to step away from their everyday lives and be renewed and revived at luxury havens of rest retreats. In 2011, she launched, WEBNIE Creative Solutions, a boutique consultancy firm that helps businesses, non profits and ministries bring their ideas to life. In 2013, she launched OUCHGirl | OWNYOURCURLYHAIR brand and blog, to encourage women to love their natural selves at every stage of life. In 2019, she launched, OUCHGreyGirl to encourage and inspire women who have embraced and embarked on their grey hair journey.  Amid all those endeavors, Ebonie’s passion is simple, to be "used by God" however He chooses.

In business or ministry, she thrives in being of "good use” to God. In 2015, Ebonie and her husband Samuel founded, Experience Church International. Both ordained ministers, together they take the message of God’s unrelenting love outside the walls of buildings, to the people, right where they are; in parks, on beaches, coffee shops, homes or wherever God leads them.

Ebonie and Samuel’s mission in ministry is to connect the hearts of men and women around the world to the heart of God. They pursue that purpose through ministry efforts that include online services, outreaches, their vibrant women's ministry Adoration Gatherings, and G.R.I.T. (Greatness Realized Through Training) Men’s Ministry.

Married for 20+ years, Ebonie and Samuel are living a life full of adventure. Ministry, business and joyfully parenting a trans generational family (Miriam 27yrs., Samuel Jr. 18 yrs., and HannahGrace 3yrs.) keeps their hearts and hands full.


All topics are originally formatted to include a Biblical perspective. Upon request the topics can be presented from a temporal context.

The Least Likely

Take a leap of faith and say “yes” to God's amazing plan for your life. In doing so, you will live a life filled with grace, greatness and gratitude that gives Him all the glory!

What's In Your Hands

There are times God's provision is found in the remnants. The shards and broken pieces considered of no use. What do you have left? Allow God to use the rubble to build something beautiful that brings Him honor and glory.

New Beginnings

God's desire for us is that we live joyful, productive, healthy lives. No matter how things look today, He promises us NEW MERCIES every morning! Let's explore the NEW THINGS coming our way through the lens of faith, hope and love.

Tailored Talks


Ebonie is a dynamic speaker. Based on your needs and desired outcomes, a tailored talk can be created for your group. Contact her team to discuss your talking points.

Small, intimate settings are Ebonie's sweet spots. An engaging and personable speaker, she has an uncanny way of making everyone in the room feel heard and seen. A woman of action, she integrates interactive and engaging activities that help attendees, move from hearers to doers.   If you are looking to inspire, encourage or challenge your group to live up to their best potential, she's the speaker/facilitator you want to consider.

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